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Company Profile
Guiding Principles
胜代机械Q山东)有限公司Q以专业从事钢板部品制作、开?1世纪中国钢板部品制作加工新概念ؓ׃QQ致力于向用h供极L争力的部品、技术和服务。公司将充分发挥现有专业技术、生产经营和开发能力,q一步提高生产能力和产品质量Qƈ注重降低生成本Ql以更高的质量、更好的服务Qؓ整机厂家提供全面的配套、善企业的C会责QQ迎接更加美好的未来?br /> ?nbsp;   立:1997q??6?br /> ?nbsp;?nbsp;金:612,500,000日元
?nbsp;   工:460
生能力Q?0,000??map name="02" />
Company Profile
As a special steel processing company, KMS-Katsushiro Machinery (Shandong)Co.,Ltd. devots itself to provide high quality product, technology, and service to the customers with competitive price. We will exert our existing professsional technique, fabricating experiences and high developing ability to further upgrade our production capacity, quality, and reduce our production cost. We shall continuously supply our customers with even better products and services to fulfill our obligations to society and create a better future for all of us.
Established: February 26, 1997
Capital: JPK?12,500,000
Land Area: 51,825m2
Floor Space: 23,863m2
Employees: 460
Production Capacity: 10,000Ton/month
胜代机械Q山东)有限公司Q作Z业从事钢杉K品制作的胜代集团的一员,全员努力为全球客h供满意的产品、技术和服务?br /> 全体员工以锲而不舍的_挑战权限Q挑战未来,为社会作A献?map name="04" />
Guiding Principles
KMS, as a member of Katsushiro Group specializing manufacture of steel plate fabrication products, will offer premier products, techniques and service for worldwide customers.
All staff of KMS will take unremitting efforts to make significant contribution to the society.
TEL: 0086-537-235-7777 236-3102 236-3103
FAX: 0086-537-236-9206
E-MAIL: kms@www.gdgzj.icu
ADRESS: No.66 Huoju Road, Jining, Shandong, China
ICP: 05053044